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Josephine Annette Durham's
Paternal Ancestors #7816

married to Keith Lorando #7815

Josephine Durham in 2012
Josephine Durham in 2012

Roy Oliver Durham
Her father, Roy Oliver Durham in 1986

. Josephine Annette Durham
. 11 -Keith Lorando
. m. Ogden, Utha, USA - 12 November 1982 .
. Roy Oliver Durham . These are the parents of Josephine.
. In addition to their daughter Josephine, this couple had five other children: Roy Andrew, Martin, Jeffery, Rebecca, and Keith.
. Nadine Joyce Mary "Deannie" Germany .
. m. Nadine is still living .
. Marion Francis Durham . They are the Grandparents of Josephine.
. In addition to their son Roy Oliver, this couple had six other children: Mary Ellen, Laura, Francis Clarence, Martin, David, and Sidney. They also raised one of Golda's nephews, Kenneth Austin.
. Golda Rebecca Wilson
. m. Arthur, Nebraska, USA on 25 November 1914 .
. Genio Amos Durham . They are the Great-Grandparents of Josephine
. In addition to their son Marion Francis, this couple had seven other children: Amos, Grace, John, Ida May, Effie Jane, Ettie Belle, and Lilly.
. Genio had four siblings: three full brothers, John, George, and James, and one half-brother, James Daggett. John fought for the Union Army during the U.S. Civil War, and he earned the Congressional Medal of Honor for valor during battle in 1862.
. Ellen Jane Kelso
. m. Big Grove, Iowa, USA on 3 May 1874 .
. .
. We are not positive about the identity of Genio's father, but we do know his mother's given name was Mary Ann. After Genio's father died, Mary Ann re-married in 1857. Her second husband's name was Lorenzo Valentino Daggett, and they remained married until his death in 1889. Mary Ann eventually passed away in 1905 in Antelope, Nebraska.
More to come, as soon as we solve this case.
. .


Roy Oliver Durham / Nadine Joyce Mary Germany
Roy Oliver Durham and Nadine Joyce Mary Germany on their 40th Wedding Anniverary in 1985.

Roy Oliver Durham
Roy Oliver Durham in 1986. The neat thing about this picture is it shows a number of wood carvings in the background. Roy suffered a massive stroke in 1969 that he was not expected to survive from. Miraculously he did, but he was permanently disabled and could not return to work (he used to work for the railroad). To help fill up his time, because he hated just sitting around doing nothing, he would whittle wood, and eventually went on to make wood carvings. The carvings in the background are some of the ones he did for the family.

Rebecca Durham 1968
Rebecca Durham, daughter of Roy Oliver Durham and Nadine Joyce Mary Germany. Picture taken in 1968.

Jeff Durham
Jeff Durham, son of Roy Oliver Durham and Nadine Joyce Mary Germany. He passed away in 2008.

Keith Durham and his family
Keith Durham, son of Roy Oliver Durham and Nadine Joyce Mary Germany, with his wife Lori Lorando and daughter Rachel. Picture taken in New Orleans, 2015.

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