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Josephine Annette Durham's
Maternal Ancestors #7816

married to Keith Lorando #7815

Josephine Durham in 2012
Josephine Durham in 2012

Nadine Joyce Mary Germany
Her mother, Nadine Joyce Mary Germany in 2002

. Josephine Annette Durham
. 11 -Keith Lorando
. m. Ogden, Utah, USA - 12 November 1982 .
. Nadine Joyce Mary "Deannie" Germany . They are Josephine's parents.
. In addition to their daughter Josephine, this couple had five other children: Roy Andrew, Martin, Jeffery, Rebecca, and Keith.
. Roy Oliver Durham .
. m. Nadine is still living .
. Andrew Germany . They are Josephine's Grandparents.
. In addition to their daughter Nadine, this couple had five other children: Edna Belle, Josephine, William Donovan, Thomas Loyd and Andrew Clifton.
. Annie Mae Donovan
. m. Keevil, Arkansas, USA on 21 December 1919 .
. Thomas Luther Germany . They are the Josephine's Great-Grandparents
. In addition to their son Andrew, this couple had two other children: Ola and John.
. Ola, John and their mother died in 1900.
. Thomas Luther went on marry two more times.
. He and those spouses had a combined seven children: Odren, William, Tennie Mae, Elsie, Lloyd, Talvy and Worth.
. Frances Edna Rucker
. m. Newton County, Mississippi, USA sometime around 1894 .
. Henry Cobb Germany . In addition to their son Thomas Luther, this couple had nine other children: Mary Elizabeth, Frances Newtonia "Fannie", Henry, Addie, Susan, James, Robert, John Hamilton and Jefferson.
. After Caroline's death, Henry Cobb re-married, to Cornelia Johnson.
. Henry Cobb and Cornelia had five children: George, Oscar, Willis, Olly and Elby.
. Caroline Lewis Walton
. m. Union County, Mississippi, USA on 14 September 1865 .
. James Germany Jr. . In addition to their son Henry Cobb, this couple had ten other children: James Hardy, Mary Elizabeth, Eliza, Alia, Rosa, Joseph Benjamin, Leora, George Washington, William Jefferson and Margaret.
. Susan Spear
. m. Newton County, Mississippi, USA in 1836 .
. James Germany Sr. . In addition to their son James Germany Jr., this couple had six other children: John Wesley, Robert, William J., Benjamin Henry, Henry Hanna and Elisabeth.
. Hannah Elisabeth "Unknown"
. m. Columbia County, Georgia, USA on 3 April 1794 .
. John "Irish John" Germany . Records are rather sketchy, but what records that do exist lead us to believe this couple had 12 other children besides James Sr. They are: William (A), Mary, William (B), Sarah, John Jr., Ellender, John (middle name unknown), Joseph, Robert, Samuel, Washington, and Benjamin.
. Elisabeth Anderson
. m. Savannah, Georgia, USA .

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