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Canoeing Monroe Lake in Mont-Tremblant Park, July 2005

What is this funny Web Site
that's written in French all about?

Genealogy of the Laurendeau families in North America.

Naming the Laurendeau's is The name of the game!!

I now have lists of Laurendeau's from day one (1673) in Pointe-à-la-Caille (now Montmagny in the Province of Québec, Canada) up to the ones that were born in the 1960's. My folders hold more than 8000 files, filled to the brim with Laurendeau's and members of our allied families.

My figures to date:

  • For the Laurendeau's living in the Province of Québec: 98% are listed, if born before the 1960's.
  • For those living in the ROC (Rest of Canada): approximately 70% are listed, if born before the 1960's.
  • And for our American cousins: I suppose a weak 10%. But if (I love to use this "but if" because it softens the harshness and implies bad news, yet leaves room for good news) you have basic information on your Grandparents, there is a very good chance that I can establish your genealogy back to the first ancestor.

I really want to continue to to add to my list the names of the Laurendeau's and members of our allied families who are not at present in my lists. Just so you are aware, I am the sole proprietor of this Web site and, as you will see later, during the next few months a lot of my time will be devoted to taking care of other priorities. I will not have time to initiate many searches, but please get in touch with me if you do not see your ancestor's name on my lists. I promise I will eventually get you an answer because I feel that all Laurendeau's deserve special attention.

This Website is the Only and Largest
Listing of Laurendeau's in North America.

Famous figures in Laurendeau history

The first part of my project, the naming of all Laurendeau's, has put me in contact with several brilliant Laurendeau's and sharp members of our allied families. They are all precious gems. Some of them are poets, musicians, businessmen, politicians, journalists, Priests, and so on. I have completed a summary of some important people with links to our families who had a profound influence on the history of our people.

  • I tell some stories about the life of Louis Hébert (1575-1627). He began his life as an apothecary-grocer in Paris. Later, after emigrating to Québec City, he became the first European farmer of North America.
  • I also describes the life of Louis Jolliet (1645-1700), born in Québec City. He is a very nice figure in our history. We find him sometimes in Québec City, the object of the respect and the confidence of his fellow countrymen; sometimes in the region of the Great Lakes, getting acquainted with the Algonquian and Huron languages; other times discovering and exploring the Illinois country, the Mississippi River, the Labrador . . .
  • I talk about Antoine Labelle (1806-1862), a Priest nicknamed "The King of the North", who with his impressive stature and incredible charisma developed, among others, the region of the Laurentian, located North of Montréal.

Another thing I have done :

I did a study in order to find and explain the origin of the Laurendeau and Rolandeau family names, and why we switched from Rolandeau to Laurendeau.

Did You Know . . . The Laurendeau family tree
eventually split into four distinct "clans" !

What's coming . . .

  1. I plan to write the history of every Laurendeau who lived during the period of the French Regime. This means up to the year 1760.
  2. I also plan to tell more stories about some famous figures in Laurendeau history

Genealogical fact

The first Laurendeau to come to North America arrived in 1673. He was from a village near La Rochelle, in France. He bore the name of Jean Rolandeau. He installed his family in the village of Pointe-à-la-Caille in the very small St-Luc Seigniory in what is now Montmagny, Québec, Canada.

Visit our input page for the Laurendeau Genealogy section (in French)

History with a Capital 'H'


I am in the process of building chronological tables of Canadian, French, English and American histories. The significant thing about this work is the tables will include the important historical Laurendeau dates and events.

Visit our Input Page for the Chronological History section (in French)

I've seen the nations rise and fall
I've heard their stories, heard them all
but love's the only engine of survival

Leonard Cohen in The Future

I invite you to become part of the "Laurendeau Memory Keeper Project" to name all Laurendeau's and members of our allied families. Send me the names of your parents, Grandparents and Great-Grandparents. Through the names of your recent ancestors, you have a 99.9% chance of being connected with the first Laurendeau ancestors in Canada. Contact me now, by clicking in the friendly yellow spot below.

Are you fluent enough in French that you could translate certain pages of this site into English? Do you have ideas to make the information on this site more accessible to the English speaking people? If so, please contact me. By putting ourselves into an open position of listening to our dreams, you never can tell where it may bring us.

United for a good Laurendeau cause. Yeahhh!

In the name of our ancestors we say Thanks for your visit! / Copyright © since 2005, Jean Laurendeau

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I warmly thank our cousin Keith Lorando for having helped me to produce this page in English.