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Sheet 10Is- Roger Edward Lorando (#7814)

The History of Roger Edward Lorando

Roger was a very nice, dependable man who was liked by everybody he came in contact with. However, like many in the Lorando/Laurendeau clan, Roger was a also a very quiet and private person who was hesitant to talk about his past, even with his family. So when we began our search for information about his life, we knew quite a bit about his later years, but nothing about his childhood/adolescent years. And since his Mother, Mary Loucille Kilpatrick Lorando/Brown, had passed away years before we began our search, we knew that piecing together Roger's early years would be a challenge. Fortunately, we had a bit of luck and a couple of breaks that enabled us to find enough information to put together Roger's life. Here is his story.

Roger Edward Lorando was born on 17 June 1934 in Crestview, Florida, the son of Edwin Everett Lorando and Mary Loucille Kilpatrick. A few months after he was born, he and his family moved to Keene, New Hampshire; over the next few years they lived at various locations in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, to include time spent in Webster, Massachusetts in 1936. It was while living in Webster that Roger was baptised at Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church in nearby Spencer, Massachusetts.

Roger's early years were very unsettled. Between the time he was born and the age of 12, he lived in 7 different locations. It wasn't until he and his mother moved to Hartford, Connecticut in 1946 that Roger stayed in any one spot for any length of time, living there for the next five years. However, even though he was not changing cities his life was still rather turbulent as he lived in three different apartments and attended four different schools during those five years. In 1951, Roger decided to join the U.S. Air Force; after his enlistment was complete, he returned to Hartford, Connecticut for two more years before deciding to enlist in the U.S. Navy.

Once in the U.S. Navy, Roger was assigned to the Naval Support Activity in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was while stationed there that he met his wife, Mary Lynn Falgout. They were married in September 1959. Soon thereafter, he and his wife were reassigned to the Norfolk Naval Base in Norfolk, Virginia. It was there that their three children were born. In September 1966, Roger separated from the U.S. Navy. He and his family moved to Lynchburg, Virginia, where he accepted work in nearby Appomattox as a Computer Programmer for the Appomattox Garment Company. After he and his wife divorced, Roger remained in Virginia, living in a number of cities until 1998. That year, as a result of experiencing declining health, he decided to move to Mandeville, Louisiana to be near two of his children. He lived there until his death in 2008.

Keith Anthony Lorando, during November 2014

The Personal Info and Family Sheet of
10Is -Roger Edward Lorando


Born on 17 June 1934
Place Crestview, Okaloosa County, Florida

Baptised on 12 December 1936
Place Spencer (Our Lady of the Rosary Church), Massachusetts

Baptised by

Other remarks on the birth Godfather: Alfred Frederick (Joseph Alfred) Ethier, also his stepgrandfather. Godmother: Lillian Victoria (Victoria Lena Lillian) (Lorando) Lorandeau, also his grandmother.


First name and maiden name of his wife Mary Lynn Falgout

Born on (still living)
Died on
place of death

Wedding date 5 September 1959
Wedding location Marrero, Louisiana
Divorce 6 November 1974, Lynchburg, Virginia
Before marriage, the wife lived in Marrero, Louisiana

Name of the wife's father Guy J. Falgout, Sr.
Birth date and place of the father 19 July 1914, Raceland, Louisiana
Maiden name of the wife's mother Irene Marie Orgeron
Birth date and place of the mother 14 October 1912, LaRose, Louisiana
Remarks about the wife's sibling(s) Mary Lynn was the second of eight children. Of her seven siblings, one (her older sister) passed away in 1996. In 2014, all her other siblings are still alive.

Other remarks on the marriage Roger and Mary Lynn were married in Immaculate Conception Church in Marrero, Louisiana.

Children of This Marriage

name birth / baptism place death, burial place date marriage/ partnership Place name of spouse
Keith Anthony Lorando (still living) . . . . . .
Lori Elizabeth Lorando (still living) . . . . . .
Mark Christopher Lorando (still living) . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .

Death - Burial

Died on 10 December 2008
Place Mandeville, Louisiana

Buried on 11 December 2008
Place Covington (Pinecrest Crematory), Louisiana

Person who celebrated the burial

Other remarks on the death

Lagniappe *

  • For the first four years of his life, Roger's surname was Lorando. In 1939 Roger's parents started referring to him as "Roger Brown". It wasn't until he joined the U.S. Air Force in 1951 that he learned his real name was "Roger Lorando". For the rest of his life, he used his (proper) Lorando surname.
  • Roger had only one sibling, an older half-brother named Raymond McLeod. Raymond was from Roger's Mother's first marriage. Raymond passed away in Georgia in 2009.
  • Between 1948 and 1951, Roger attended three different High Schools: two in Hartford, Connecticut, and one in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.
  • Roger never re-married after his divorce.
  • After the age of 6, Roger never again had any contact with his father, Edwin Everett Lorando. However, his and his father's life had some rather eerie parallels:
    • Both spent a number of their childhood years being raised by family members (Roger by his maternal Grandmother and later a maternal Uncle and Aunt, Edwin by his maternal Grandparents)
    • Both were rather athletic, and both played High School basketball
    • Both left High School after their Junior year to go to work
    • Both served in two of the services (Roger in the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy; Edwin in the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy)
    • Both were serving in the U.S. military when they met their future spouses
    • Both's first marriage took place when they were 25 years old
    • Both's first marriage ended in divorce.
    • Both spent time in New Orleans, Louisiana while in the military (Roger was assigned to Naval Support Acitivy New Orleans, Edwin enlisted at Naval Support Activity New Orleans)
    • Both had two names during their lives (Roger went by Roger Lorando and Roger Brown; Edwin went by Edwin Lorando and Edward Brown)
    • Both died of heart failure.
    • Both died alone in their condominium (Roger was divorced; Edwin was widowed)
    • Both were discovered to have passed away after one of their neighbors reported to authorities that they had not been seen outside of their condominium unit in a number of days

*Lagniappe origin from French Louisiana and means “an extra, an unexpected gift, a benefit or something added”

The Pictures of
Roger Edward Lorando and Mary Lynn Falgout

1960 - Norfolk, Virginia
Roger with his newborn son Keith
1967 - Lynchburg, Virginia
Roger standing next to Keith on Keith’s First Communion day
1973 - Lynchburg, Virginia
The day of Keith's first Little League Baseball Game for that year, with Roger his dad
Roger and Keith Keith's First Communion with his dad The day of Keith's first Little League Baseball Game for that year, with Roger his dad
2002 - Mandeville, Louisiana
Roger Lorando
2010 - New Orleans, Louisiana
Mary Lynn Falgout Lorando
Roger Lorando Mary Lynn Falgout Lorando
1959 - Marrero, Louisiana
Roger Lorando and Mary Lynn Falgout Wedding Day
from left to right: Guy J. Falgout Sr., Mary Lynn Falgout, Roger Lorando, Mary Loucille Kilpatrick Lorando/Brown
Roger Lorando and Mary Lynn Falgout Wedding

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